‘Ring of Life’: A Giant Ring of Steel in Fushun, China


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There’s a new landmark in the north-eastern city of Fushun in Liaoning province in China. A gigantic steel loop known as the ‘Ring of Life’. The structure stands 515 foot tall and is constructed using 3,000 tonnes of steel. At night, 12,000 LED lights make the ring glow. The project’s cost is estimated at $16 million.

According to Fushun Municipal Government’s officials, the structure has been built simply to serve as an viewing platform, even if it does like like something far more sinister.

A local construction bureau official told the Shenyang Evening News that area preferred to have an office tower but were told that the town was too small to support it.


Many artists have used the ring of life as great piece for photo manipulation. Many parts of the Chinese media have also been critical of the structure. The ring of life is frequently compared to a “Stargate” – a fictional portal for space travel. I guess time will tell if the structure has another purpose. What do you think of the ‘Ring of Life’?

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