Recycled Hubcap Animal Sculptures


bird dog hubcap00 hubcap01 hubcap03 hubcap05 hubcap06 hubcap08 shark unnamed wolf

For over twelve years now, Brighton, UK-based artist Ptolemy Elrington has been upcycling discarded hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures. “I like to work with reclaimed materials to show that what is one person’s junk is another man’s treasure,” he told The Daily Mail. Hubcaps that have emblems of them, such as BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Volvo often find new life in his work.)

His greatest challenge is trying to balance the scale. As he tells us, “If you go too small you lose the materials’ identity and if you go too big it looks remarkable like a pile of hubcaps. I’ve made a few large scale hubcap sculptures and I’ve struggled a bit with that.”


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