Stainless Steel Ribbon Sculptures by Gil Bruvel


gil-1 gil-2 gil-3 gil-4 gil-8 gil-9 gil-10 gil-11

Texas-based artist Gil Bruvel uses casts to make stainless steel ribbons for his figurative sculptures. By using ribbons the sculptures seem more fluid than solid and they add a sense of motion. The works above are all part of the artist’s Flow series that he says are meant to reveal “an essential underlying fluidity that exists simultaneously within the physical, quantum, and metaphoric realms.”

Bruvel was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1959 and he began learning the basics of sculpting at the age of nine before embarking on an artist career that now spans nearly 40 years. You can see Bruvel’s works in San Francisco at the Chloe Gallery from June 30th.


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