Star Trek Inspired Personal Tricorder from Scanadu


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Scanadu is making nearing completion of a Star Trek inspired tricorder. The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE – a health-tracking device is designed to read your temperature, blood pressure, respiration, and other vital signs, just by holding it to the side of your head. Last month, the Scanadu Scout finally launched on Indiegogo, and already has raised nearly $700,000 with two weeks before their deadline date.

The XPRIZE originally used the omni-informative tool as an incentive for a $10 million prize founded to make health analysis available to consumers at home. “Somebody will have to build the Tricorder one day,” says Walter De Brouwer, Scanadu’s co-founder. His team took inspiration from some old Star Trek props as they were in the early stages of the project. However, unlike Star Trek the Tricorder will be available to the public and not just doctors and other professionals (Beverly Crusher, Spock). Then you can analyze your data on on your smartphone to show a timeline of your health records.

You can pre-order the Scout here for $149.

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