Floating Forest on a 100 year old Abandoned Ship



Image by Neerav Bhatt

Image by Steve Dorman

Image by Rodney Campbell

Image by Louise Evangelique

Image by Louise Evangelique

The SS Ayrfield also known as the “floating forest” is one of many decommissioned ships in the Homebush Bay, just west of Sydney, Australia. Launched in 1911, the massive 1,140-tonne steel behemoth was built in the UK and registered in Sydney in 1912 as a steam collier which was later used to transport supplies to American troops stationed in the Pacific region during World War II.

Eventually, in 1972, the SS Ayrfield was retired and sent to Homebush Bay which served as a ship-breaking yard. While many ships were taken apart, about four metallic bodies of vessels that are over 75 years old currently float in the bay, though none are enveloped by nature quite like the Ayrfield. The ship attracts all sorts of visitors (human and wildlife) that come to spend time in with mangrove trees and to enjoy its beauty.

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