The Happiest Countries In The World Infographic


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Are you living in a happy country? have the answer. MoveHub help people make decisions on which countries to move to. They visualized the data of Happy Planet Index (HPI), which shows to what extent 151 countries across the globe produce long, happy, and sustainable lives for their citizens. The index measures three components: life expectancy, experience well-being, and Ecological Footprint. Those results are then compiled into one score.

The scale ranges in colors that correspond to low and high numbers. A deep red hue indicates a least-happy score that’s between 20 and 30. It then transitions from orange to a light green, meaning a that’s score between 61 and 65 on the HPI. According to this infographic, it appears that Costa Rica has everyone beat in terms of contentedness, and Vietnam is a close second.

Via MoveHub website and Happy Planet Index website This Isn’t Happiness and


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