Back When Mugshots Were Fashion Shoots


vintage-mugshots-01 vintage-mugshots-02 vintage-mugshots-03 vintage-mugshots-04 vintage-mugshots-05 vintage-mugshots-06 vintage-mugshots-07

These photos aren’t so much ‘art’ as they are an oddity. Twisted Sifter published an article on these astonishing 1920s mugshots collected by Australia’s Historic Houses Trust. Compiled by the Sydney Justice & Police Museum, most of the photographs are criminals’ headshots side-by-side with a head-to-toe with a long exposure. I’m not sure if they dressed up for their mugshots but the people in them certainly are shy about striking a pose you’d only see fashion models do these days. Certainly the guy in the first photo looks like a Batman villain with that pose. What do you think? Please leave a comment.

(via core77)


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