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Beautiful, functional, and user-friendly forms! These website forms are the trifecta in form excellence. They look like they were designed by a web developer, graphic designer, or someone with an artistic inclination, at the very least.

Each of these stunning forms were created with JotForm’s Form Designer, the most innovative form designer, ever. Every form created with the Form Designer is responsive by default, so you can rest assured that they will look great on all devices.

The Form Designer offers vast customization abilities, so that the perfectionist inside all of us can have it’s day adjusting color schemes, fonts, sizes, and everything else that you want just right. Fully loaded with synchronized app abilities, your JotForm form can do basically anything you want it to do: checking out customers’ orders (with PayPal, Stripe, etc.), ordering complex information in an organized survey, inviting friends to a potluck and tallying up what everyone is bringing, etc.

     Even better, after you design your form you have the option of sharing it with all users at the Form Theme Store. You can choose to set a price for your designs if you wish, as JotForm enjoys rewarding customers who share their designs with the form-building community.


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