Emotional Chain Link Sculptures by Young-Deok Seo


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Korean sculptor Young-Deok Seo has crafted several new chain link sculptures—two for his Anguish series of a man in despair. Continuing to work with chain links Seo maintains his high skill level of recreating the human form and projecting a sense of emotion through it. Like many of the figurative sculptures in the artist’s growing collection, this latest additions offers an expressive pose that is easy to translate, despite their fragmented nature.

Anguish 9 depicts an incomplete man in the nude whose face is buried in his own hands, conveying a very vulnerable state of sorrow and hopelessness. Similarly, Anguish 8 presents a man huddled with his knees to his chest, hiding himself from the world as he wallows in his own sadness. Not a happy piece but a skilled sculpture packed with powerful emotions.

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