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The process of building a website does not end when you have completed the coding and design and it goes live. On the contrary, one could say this is the moment when the real work begins. As you well know, a website first needs traffic and secondly a strategy on how to turn this traffic into customers/clients. We will not go into traffic building here but look closer at a tool that could help you a lot with the second part. Hotjar is a new service that will offer you insights into how your traffic behave and use your site.

The strength of this new solution lies in the fact that it combines a wide range of features that is needed to truly understand your audience. To be more precise, with Hotjar you will be able to gather feedback from your visitors, to conduct online surveys, to study how your visitors are using your site by watching recorded sessions of each visitor, create heatmaps to understand how each page of your site is being used to name a few things. With Hotjar, you can forget about the annoyance and expenses of using multiple services.

hotjar heatmap

Would you like to know which areas of your website need improvement? Or maybe, you are interested in learning what captures your visitors interest and what they do on your page. Well, this is possible thanks to their heatmaps. These visually represent your visitors clicks and scrolling behaviour.

hotjar feedback

Gathering feedback from your visitors is vital. Therefore, you will have to become familiar with launching polls and surveys. The online surveys can be setup quickly with an easy online editor and then simply to distributed.

The visitor playback will let you see your customers’ taps, clicks and mouse movements as they navigate through your site. This is one big step towards solving the mystery of usability issues.

You will do yourself a big favor if you decide to take a look at this service. You can start using it for free if you since they are currently inviting people for their free early access program during beta.




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