Wireless Charging on DuPont’s Corian Solid Surfaces


dupont-corian-solid-surface-with-power-matters-alliance2 dupont-corian-solid-surface-with-power-matters-alliance3

DuPont Building Innovations has collaborated with Power Matters Alliance (PMA) to bring you a wireless charging solution for your gadgets. DuPont will embed wireless charger into its Corian Solid Surfaces that can be installed in your home and in public spaces.

Ron Resnick, the president of PMA says: “Our next level in wireless power is founding it embedded into our furniture, it’s the next step toward smart wireless power solution in our lives. In our mobile society, wireless power becomes more and more fundamental part of a product design and for decades, Corian has brought superior functionality and style into our homes, now, they elevate their performance to a new level to meet your needs to be powered up throughout the day.”


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