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London-based poet and artist Robert Montgomery concentrates his thoughts and feelings into words and then projects these in public spaces. His Recycled Sunlight Pieces are poetic typographic installations that are powered by sunlight.

Robert comments on his ‘THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE BECOME GHOSTS INSIDE OF YOU AND LIKE THIS YOU KEEP THEM ALIVE‘ piece, Montgomery says in an interview with Dazed Digital:

“It’s made from recycled sunlight – the sculpture recycles sunlight to illuminate itself, as a metaphor for what we do when we remember someone we love. And I really like the idea of ghosts as a positive thing…. I’ve lost a couple of really close friends who have died very young. My two closest friends from art college already died for example and I think when that happens it makes you turn to those questions. I find ideas of angels and ghosts very comforting in that context. I find the idea that somehow love can triumph over death an idea I need to keep sane.”

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