Text Your Friends When You Have No Service


It can be a difficult situation where you don’t have service and you really need to send a text: on a trip in the middle of nowhere, stuck in your apartment during a serious blackout or at a concert where the signal is spotty. GoTenna is a lifesaver/game changer of a new gadget that enables you to communicate with your friends even when you don’t have service.


Inspired by her experience during Hurricane Sandy, innovator Daniela Perdomo set out to craft a solution to our dependence on oft-unreliable cell phone towers for our communication needs. The approximately 6-inch device she created allows you to communicate for up to 50 miles with other users, (less if you’re using it in a city).


You can send a text to your friends or even just drop a pin to your location in order to find each other. If you’re really in trouble, you can send a “shout” that will be received by any goTenna user within range.


And if you’re concerned about the privacy of the messages you’re sending, all of them get encrypted and are not stored so they can’t be hacked into easily.

Sure goTenna will be great for things like concerts and other big events, where you really want to be able to find your friends, but, more importantly, it’s a crucial innovation in the case of emergencies and natural disasters. You can pre-order your goTenna now for $150 and save a spot for it in your future emergency kit.


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