Tropical Islands Resort Set In Former Aircraft Hangar In Germany


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Inside a former aircraft hangar some 37 miles south of chilly Berlin, you can find a Caribbean-esque resort called Tropical Islands that helps sun-starved Germans make it through their long winter.

The resort has 200 hotel rooms inside this odd slice of paradise in the middle of Europe can take advantage of seven different spa zones inspired by different areas of the world including Thailand and Africa, thirteen bars and restaurants, a beach, a rainforest, a lagoon and a golf course. The hangar measures over 1,100 feet long, that’s large enough to have the Statue of Liberty could stand up inside of it.

The resort, which first opened in 2004, claims to have Europe’s largest spa and sauna complex, which costs 34.50 Euros, or about $45.00 or £30.00.


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