Aurora Borealis Photography, Norway


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Photographer Ole Salomonsen has released his spectacular photographs of the aurora borealis taken in northern Norway. He says, “Finally my aurora season gets a proper start! This is one of many shots from Oct 18th/19th, a fantastic night with multicolored auroras all over the arctic night skies of Tromso, Norway.”

Ole’s tips to take great photos of the natural lightshow are: “Auroras are visible from September to April in Norway. For reasons still unknown to scientists auroras are most active around equinoxes (September and March). Autumn is beautiful in Norway, but your best bet for watching auroras are normally from December to February due to colder weather and more clear skies. In my opinion, it is a myth that auroras cannot be seen during bright moon light. I have done several video sequences and [have taken] photos during full moon. It has to be a pretty weak aurora not to be visible during moonlight.”


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