Long Exposure Photos of Budapest Trams Lit Up with 30,000 LED Lights


budapestchristmastram5 photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 vert

In the cold conditions of Budapest, the trams and local streetcars are decorated with over 30,000 LED lights. The twinkling lights in the snowy conditions fell very Christamsy and when photographed with just the right exposure, creates a stunning ‘matrix’-like image that looks like a futuristic vehicle warping through time. This tradition of decorating trams was an initiative by the Budapest Transport Company only started in 2009. If you want to plan a visit you’ll definitely want to check out their website for routes and tram schedules.

Prints of the long exposure images are available from Krisztian Birinyi through 500px.

via My Modern Met


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