Simpsons inspired glass bottles


simpsons glass bottles 1 simpsons glass bottles 2 The Simpsons Homer Simpson ©1999 Fox TV/Sky Onesimpsons glass bottles 3  simpsons glass bottles 5

Simpsons fans will associate Homer with his love for Duff Beer, but it seems he and Marge are the inspiration behind an altogether different beverage and their bottles. Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich have just unveiled their strikingly colorful ‘Wine, or maybe not?’ conceptual bottles, which were cleverly designed with the same color scheme as the beloved cartoon characters. A somewhat tongue-in-cheek label says the wines have been aged since 1987, the year that the Simpsons first aired.

The designs also take cues from the minimalist color block works of Dutch artist Pieter Mondrian. The Homer-themed bottle mimics his outfit, with a blue bottom half for his trousers, a white upper half for his shirt and yellow, white and beige on the neck to represent his face, teeth and stubble.



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