Intricately-Detailed Paper Cut Animals Mimic Ink-Drawn Lines


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Berlin-based artist Max Gärtner produces intricate paper cutouts that have the quality of ink-drawn lines. Heads of jaguars, lionesses, and the wings of birds are all crafted using curvy bold marks that create contour, add visual weight, and define form. Large groups of lines wrap around each to imply textures like fur and feathers that add a sense of depth.

These cutouts look so detailed that they look like prints or something 2D; this is key to Gärtner’s designs: “I consider the hand-drawn line to be of extreme importance, it’s the basis for all my work,” he says. “To draw by hand represents, to certain extent, presenting one’s most inner self – there is no room for deception, the spectator receives an unadulterated insight.”


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