Sprintbeemer by Lucky Cat Garage


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The inspiration for a bike build can come from the most unlikely of sources. For this unusual BMW sprint bike the inspiration came from a vintage M&H Racemaster drag tire.

To complete the build Séb Lorentz of the Lucky Cat Garage, a familiar face on the European custom show circuit, used a tire he already had. For the problem of what to do with the slick, his family provided the answer: they bought him an Airtech dustbin fairing as a present. All Séb needed now was a frame, two wheels and an engine. Luckily Séb works for BMW Motorrad France and these parts were relatively easy to come by. And so the Sprintbeemer was born—a bike focused on speed and acceleration, with a dollop of style and a whiff of self-confidence.

“It has to look fast to frighten competitors,” he laughs. To compete and win the Starr Wars sprint race at the huge Glemseck 101 festival in Germany.

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