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Going back to nature is a great adventure but when you need to get back to modernity and electricity what better way than the PowerPot, a mobile generator that converts heat into electricity.

Using the PowerPot is simple: add water, plug in your device, place the pot over heat and begin charging. All of the PowerPot’s electrical wires and components are fire-resistant so there’s no need to stress about keeping them away from your heat source. Housed within the orange base of the pot are thermoelectric modules, and these modules convert heat into electricity without any moving parts, making the PowerPot light and durable. The PowerPot maximizes efficiency of energy by capitalizing on excess heat energy during cooking—as your water boils for coffee. While the main charging chamber is only meant for liquids, the top can be used for cooking solid foods and, at just over 500 grams, it won’t weigh you down. The PowerPot is available for purchase for $150. For more information and different models of the thermoelectric generator, check out their website.


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