Smart Fitness Socks That Track Your Steps And Coach Your Running Style




Sensoria’s wearable device consists of a pair of socks, containing its “e-textile technology” (which basically boils down to pressure sensors, so it can figure out which bits of your foot are taking the weight as you run), plus a clip-on Bluetooth 4.0 device that also contains an accelerometer and altimeter, and attaches to the ankle of the sock via magnets (it’s detachable so the sock can be washed). This wirelessly connects to your computer or smartphone to upload your running data.

As well as tracking basics like steps and speed, the device is designed specifically for runners so it also tracks a range of more specialist metrics including which part of your foot you’re landing on so you can perfect your foot-strike technique; your overall cadence metronome by measuring stride frequency to help you stay in an optimal running rhythm; and it also has a stride analyzer to monitor average stride length to ensure good form, much as a running coach might.

Sensoria’s creators are currently seeking crowdsourced funding via Indiegogo to get their idea to market — and are very close to their target of $87,000, with 16 days left to run on the campaign.


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