Sustainable Concept Car Made of Handwoven Bamboo


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Phoenix is a concept car made of bamboo by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albrecht Birkner. The lightweight vehicle explores alternative, sustainable designs for transportation using natural materials in an effort to progress towards a greener future. With cars being replaced every 5-20 years the project aims to offer an inexpensive and environmentally conscious resolution to the excessive waste problem.

Phoenix was completed in only 10 days, so build times should be nominal should the concept go into production. There are of course several legal and health and safety issues that will need to be addressed should the concept become anything more than just an idea.

The proposal states: “Phoenix introduces the concept of a naturally woven skin which biodegrades together with the life of the car. Should a car’s life extend longer than average, this shell can be replaced inexpensively. No longer a product of automation, Phoenix brings back the dignity of the human being and pays homage to the skills of the craftsman.  In addition, because it is handmade, frames can be customized according to the needs of the individual.”


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