Zaha Hadid’s Metro Station Concept in Saudi Arabia


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World famous architect Zaha Hadid has just won a competition to design the new metro station for Saudia Arabia’s capital city Riyadh. The city’s population has boomed in recent years to over 5 million people and desperately needs other means of transport to help keep the city moving.

Located in the King Abdullah Financial District, Hadid architect’s proposal is a four story building that will feature six train platforms, two levels of underground parking, and even access to the cities pre-existing monorail line by use of a sky bridge. The station is full of waves which are meant to symbolize the country’s vast desert and give the building its unique fluid look. The structure’s woven latice facade is designed to allow enough natural light to light up the station but not too much to be obtrusive. The estimated completion date of this project is 2017 and is likely be an iconic landmark for the city of Riyadh.

via dezeen


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