Detailed Illustrations Drawn on Foam Coffee Cups


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Cheeming Boey started drawing on coffee cups when he was at a coffee shop and needed something to write down his ideas. There was no paper but there was his coffee cup. After seeing some incredibly awesome results, the Malaysian animator and artist continued sketching on the creative surface and has since produced a wide range of awesome foam coffee cup designs. Using a black Sharpie pen, Boey creates all kinds of scenes from landscapes and portraits to imaginary adventures.

When Boey started his career his friend asked him what he would do with all his cups? When Boey said maybe he would sell them, his friend replied, “No one’s gonna buy that crap.”¬†Since then Boey was determined to prove his friend wrong. Now he is recognized for his cup illustrations that can be purchased on his Etsy shop or through his website.

Boey says, “The difference between a dream and reality is just doing it. If you want to get something done, or if you have a dream, don’t wait. Just go for it.”

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