Fabulous Faceless Photo Portraits by Chris Ozer


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Photographer Chris Ozer has an eye for great shots. He has a big following on Instagram which is quite surprising considering he only recently become a full-time photographer.

Chris told the Everest Journal, “There’s this old barn in North Carolina near my mom’s house that I took a few photos of at golden hour and posted to Instagram back in September 2011. I think that was the point where things clicked. The barn has a ton of character and so I started to understand what having a strong subject, and good lighting and composition can do for a photo. I’ve been on the lookout for characters like that ever since.”

Whe Chris was asked: “What sort of legacy do you hope to leave with your work?”

He replied: “I want to get to the level of someone like Vivian Maier or Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s not that I want to be as good as them or as recognized, but to be able to capture the people and places around me in a way that’s wholly organic as they did, and so that someone 50 years from now can look back on my images and instantly feel the mood and emotion of the scene I captured. To me this goes beyond the mechanics of photography we all go through: lighting, composition, subject, depth of field, focus point, f-stops, shutter speed. All of that stuff is just a means to an end.”

You can see more of Chris’s work on his website.


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