Little Cat Acts Like Big Cat


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London-based photographer George Logan juxtaposes an unassuming household cat into an assortment of large and imposing African wildlife scenes for the new Big Cat Little Cat Whiskas ad campaign. The energetic little feline can be seen playfully clawing at a leopard’s tail, running along the grassy plains with a galloping zebra, fishing in a river populated with swimming hippos, and even snuggling up with a lion.

Created by ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, the clever pet food campaign revolves around the slogan “Feeding your cat’s instincts.” The series of photo manipulated print ads, which have been retouched by Tony Swinney, gives us a look at how a domesticated cat can behave in an intimidating environment with enough courage. Each image is a digital composite of a house cat and and various wildlife captured in Shamwari, South Africa.

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