Folded Book Pages Art Sculputes by Luciana Frigerio


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Vermont-based artist Luciana Frigerio has made quite a statement with some of her paper art, using books as the foundation for her unique Folded Book Sculptures.

She says, “I cut, fold, and play with books and paper whenever I can.”

For the original artwork, Frigerio uses recycled books and precisely folds each page into the desired letters, using either Times or Helvetica as the font. Messages of love, song lyrics, and words of inspiration grow out of the center of each book in clever, eye-catching designs. Single words like ‘yes’ sit alongside monograms or longer messages like ‘the best is yet to be.’ One man used the artwork for a marriage proposal, setting the books up on the shelf in a bookstore and surprising his bride-to-be as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him – that’s how smooth bookworm’s propose! You can buy these books and more at Etsy.

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