Amazing Photos of the Glasswinged Butterfly


glasswingbutterfly1 glasswingbutterfly2 glasswingbutterfly3 Glasswing  (Greta oto) glasswingbutterfly5 glasswingbutterfly6 glasswingbutterfly7 glasswingbutterfly8 glasswingbutterfly9 Glasswing (Greta oto) glasswingbutterfly11 glasswingbutterfly12 glasswingbutterfly13 glasswingbutterfly14

The beautiful and rare glasswinged butterfly (or Greta oto)  is a four-footed butterfly whose wings are transparent and looks as if they are glass. The tissue within their wings lack the colorful pigments found in other butterflies, leaving only a transparent, glassy appearance.

Found primarily in Central America, the glasswinged butterfly’s name in Spanish is Espejitos which translates as little mirrors. In certain lights, the translucent wing parts have a glossy, reflective quality.

Photo credits: (Farrukh, David Fre, Eddy Van 3000, Ashley Cohen, Kal Ahmed, Sophie L. Miller, Ralph Stewart, Paul Gallo, nondesigner59, Paul Wyman, crayolamom, Linda De Volder)
(via Gaks)


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