Zaha Hadid’s Modern Art Center Unveiled in China


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International architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects has presented a stunning modern art center in Changsha, China designated for celebrating all the arts. The conceptual plans for Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre were unveiled, revealing three modern buildings serving as an innovative cultural complex. The eye-catching landscape consists of a Grand Theatre, a Contemporary Art Museum, and a Multipurpose Hall (sometimes referred to as the Small Theatre). Each structural space offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to partake in culturally creative activities.

The main venue of the ambitious project is the Grand Theatre, which is designed to seat 1,800 guests. With this space, the London-based firm proposes to provide an architectural setting that functions as a host to “world-standard performances” fully equipped with the expected amenities of such an establishment; including bars, restaurants, and VIP hospitality.

“Although these civic institutions are uniquely defined and separate, they supply each other in all respects within its setting with plazas offering visitors a tapestry-like sequence of urban ambiances that relate to the different institutions, inject the site with urban vitality.” Zaha Hadid Architects.

(via ArchDaily)


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