Fantastic Doodles in a Moleskin notebook by Kerby Rosanes


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This fantastic work from Philippines-based, self-taught illustrator Kerby Rosanes is called Sketchy Stories. Rosanes has worked with a large list of companies like Nike, Ford and Mazda. On Facebook alone he’s “liked” by over 1 million fans and on Instagram he’s got more than 73,000 followers. How was he discovered? “They found me through you, other blogs, international magazines and books that featured my work.” He sums it up by saying, “Internet and social media magic.”

Using just ordinary black pens, this talented illustrator can fill page after page of his Moleskine with incredibly detailed illustrations. When we asked Rosanes why he liked drawing on Moleskine he replied, “Paper quality is topnotch. I have tried other sketchbook brands before but only Moleskine got me in terms of durability and ease with using fineliners. Also, its small size. Its just a good companion whenever you feel like sketching, wherever boredom strikes.”

Rosanes advices prospective illustrators: “Pursue something that is close to your heart,” he states. “Whatever it is, always love what you do and make the most out of it. Breaking into the creative industry is not easy. It takes a lot of practice and hard work. So don’t let every negative comments and every frustration pull you down. Just draw. A lot.”

via Kerby Rosanes’ website, Facebook and Instagram


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