Clever Street Art by Oak Oak in his new book


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French street artist Oak Oak has just released a new book that has more than 100 images of his creative and clever works. The book opens with:

“Oak Oak is a young man from Saint-Etienne (France) who loves to take a walk in the city. But unlike any ordinary tourist looking for historical building and the most daring architectures, Oak Oak seeks insignificant details. A small crack on a wall? That is precisely what he will be drawn to! Instead of seeing a defect in construction, he would rather see a web spun by Spider-Man. A post has been knocked over? Instead of blaming whoever failed to put it back in place, he would rather make up a story to explain why it is down. Therefore, Oak Oak is an unusual lateral thinker in an urban environment. Welcome to his world…”

Oak Oak Urban Diversion is now on sale through Omake Books. The 96 page book is in English, French and Japanese.


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