Ellipses in the Key of Blue mural


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If you are living in the Bay Area and spend a lot of time downtown San Francisco then you have probably seen this mural, Ellipses in the Key of Blue, surrounding the future Central Subway Moscone Station. Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, Randy Colosky is no stranger to the city and its surrounding areas. After receiving his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in sculpture he participated in many shows in the Bay Area and completed large-scale sculptures for the downtown ArtPark in Oakland, CA and more. This particular piece is an extension of the repetitious pattern drawings based from drafting templates used in mechanical drawing that Colosky had worked on.

Basically, “The drafting template offers an interesting scenario in that it is a fixed pattern. Like fractals repeating in nature, the template pattern (as it is incrementally moved in the act of drawing) generates its own algorithm.”

From this Colosky explains that the drawing process becomes more of a meditative action and the overall composition is taken out of his hands. Once again, another stunning eye-bending mural is there to distract us from more construction developments and calm us between jackhammer sessions.


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