Lava Drops by Alvaro Uribe Design for Tsunami


lava drops 1 lava drops 2 lava drops 3 lava drops 4 lava drops 5 lava drops 6

Tsunami Glassworks and Alvaro Uribe Design have paired up to create a groovy, 60s futuristic lighting collection called Lava Drops. The set of lighting aims to capture the essence of Tsunami’s brand, where form, color, and nature are intertwined. The liquid-like shapes are designed to mimic the liquidity of lava. It mimics the creation process of glass products, where every design begins with a glowing bud of molten glass, also known as “gather”. Gather often looks like molten lava and is extremely flexible, like clay. Each Lava drop represents the initial, droplet shape of gather that the glassblower then sculpts.


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