Disney Characters in Real Life

little mermaid

New York-based animation artist Jeff Hong, 35, has imagined Disney characters battling the grim conditions of the real world – here Ariel from The Little Mermaid appears washed up on a beach covered in oil


Where’s my knight in shining armor? Cinderella lurks in a dirty alley at night with her ball gown in tatters


Air pollution: Mulan wears a face mask as she walks around the smoggy streets of contemporary China

pooh bear

Take me home: Winnie the Pooh is plucked from The Hundred Acre Wood and dumped in an area of deforestation, causing him to sit in tears


Image-conscious: Belle from Beauty and the Beast is seen with her face marked up in a plastic surgeon’s room in a bid to better her appearance


Bambi gets beheaded and turned into a wall trophy

101 dalmations

The puppies from 101 Dalmatians are seen locked in small dog pound cages

lion king

Simba from the Lion King gets locked up in a zoo


Animal cruelty: Dumbo cowers in the background as a circus master holds a whip in a blood-stained hand in the foreground

chicken little

Get me away from here! Chicken Little manages to escape peril but quivers with terror as he suddenly realizes he’s stood outside of Kentucky Fried Chicken


Alone and afraid: Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame wanders the streets of Paris with Djali the goat secreted under her hood


Stripped of natural beauty: Pocahontas and warrior Kocoum leave the countryside for a glitzy casino

robin hood

Fighting for freedom: Robin Hood is seen tied up as a line of riot police walk behind him in the background

Disney’s motto is ‘where dreams come true’ but a new art series from New York based animation artist Jeff Hong puts a nightmarish spin on things. Jeff Hong, 35, has imagined some of the company’s most popular characters battling the grim conditions of the real world.

For instance, on his Tumblr, Unhappily Ever After, one image sees Ariel washed up on a beach covered in oil spill – a far cry from the pollution-free ocean she inhabits in The Little Mermaid.


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