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You have .png, .jpeg, .raw, .ai, etc. but no matter what type of graphic file you are dealing with, they will almost always fall into two categories. Bitmap and vectors.

The bitmap graphics use very tiny square shaped dots, formally known as pixels, to make up an image. If you take a bitmap picture and enlarge it to large extents you will see these small squares becoming visible. And this is the reason why bitmap graphics get blurred when you stretch them too much.

But not so with vector graphics. Vector graphics are based on mathematical curves. The software saves vector graphics in terms of mathematical equations. Hence any amount of enlargement will not blur the image.

So if you want some vector graphics to use in your work we recommend you go to Vectors Land.

Vectors Land has a very large collection of vector graphics covering diverse fields. They have partnered with different vector based websites to help you find whatever you want and fulfill your needs. You can search for files right from their search bar and you will get results from many different sites displayed on a single page.

The best thing about Vectors Land is that all the files you will download from their site are free of cost. So Vectors Land is your way to go for free vectors.

Let me show you an example.

I entered the search query “social media” in the search bar and I received the results as shown below.

vectors land1

As you can see the very first image consists of Angry Birds, the most popular game played on Android and iPhone devices. Then we have lots of pictures containing the logos of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These are what we call the social media icons. We also have the Facebook Like button icon with which many people have fallen in love.

If I will click on any image I will be taken to the download page. So when I clicked on the Facebook Like icon image I was taken to the download page which looked like as shown below.

vectors land2

As you can see the page also shows how many times this vector graphic has been viewed and how many times has it been downloaded. This is a good way to measure the popularity of a graphic. The more views and downloads an image has the more popular it will be and hence more people of your audience are probably going to like it too.

The categories of the graphics range from Cartoon vectors to Flowers, from Grunge vectors to Icons, from Fashion based designs to Food based vectors, from anchor pattern vector to Nature based designs, and so on and so forth.

The website has a simple, uncluttered design and anyone can use it. If you have used Google, you will find no difficulty in using Vectors Land search tool. Go and check out the site and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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