Folded Paper Sculptures from Gunjan Aylawadi


Gunjan-Aylawadi-1 Gunjan-Aylawadi-2 Gunjan-Aylawadi-3 Gunjan-Aylawadi-4 Gunjan-Aylawadi-5 Gunjan-Aylawadi-9 Gunjan-Aylawadi-10 Gunjan-Aylawadi-11

Australia-based artist Gunjan Aylawadi focuses on intricate, colorful sculptures that resemble woven textiles. But on closer observation, her work is made entirely from curled paper. The process, long and intricate, can cost the artist months on a single artwork.

“Against the Wind” is made from hand-cut strips of paper from old music books which are hand rolled and is inspired from the geometric designs of Islamic art.

Aylawadi says: “What I enjoy most about making my work is the experience people have when they look at it,” she says. “They stop for a moment to have a closer look and the moment turns into long minutes of being fascinated by the beauty a simple medium like paper can add to the work infront of their eyes.”


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