A new Banksy? GCHQ-mocking graffiti

Banksy GCHQ
A detailed new piece of graffiti art has appeared on a street in Cheltenham, depicting trench coat swaddled agents pointing listening devices at a telephone box.

The art, which candidly appears only three miles away from GCHQ headquarters, has not yet been claimed by any artist as their own work, though it bears the hallmarks of famous “guerrilla artist” Banksy.

Cheltenham’s local graffiti artists believe strongly that the work is by the pseudonymous activist, though the image has not appeared on Banksy’s official website.

Local artist “Dice67” told the BBC: “It’s been all over the art forums. He’s tipped off a couple of people to come and see it – one guy flew in from France yesterday to take some photos of it.”

“I’ve heard rumours he’s been living just down the road from it for the last week checking everything out and preparing the ground.”

Vince John, from the 1loveart gallery in Bristol, which sells urban and street art, said that he was “70 to 80 per cent sure” it was by the famous street artist.

“It’s certainly in his style and has the supporting cast of characters that you’d expect from one of his pieces. It’s taking a swipe at GCHQ and commenting on the establishment which is something that he does very well,” John added.



A GCHQ spokesperson said: “this the first time we have been asked to comment on art.”

“For those who are interested, our website gives a glimpse of what modern-day intelligence operatives are really like, although some may be disappointed by the lack of trench coats and dark glasses.”


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