Sugar Metropolis by Jamison and Revels


SugarMetropolis1 SugarMetropolis2 SugarMetropolis3 SugarMetropolis4 SugarMetropolis6 SugarMetropolis9 SugarMetropolis13 SugarMetropolis15

This sweet view, Sugar Metropolis, is a traveling project from professional sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels that promotes community collaboration through sugar cube builds. The public are invited to add their own designs and influence and to build upon each other’s work. The result is a melting pot of design and influence that is quite unique.

The purpose of the ongoing series is to “engage local communities to embrace the power of creativity to improve their physical surroundings and enhance social interaction.” The first successful city was constructed in Northern Ireland last fall and Jamison and Revels have recently announced plans for a New York Sugar Metropolis which will take place in the (appropriately named) Sugar Hill district of Harlem.

The artists are currently raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to help make this continuing project a reality. The plan is to create the exhibit on the ground floor of a new Broadway Housing development which includes a children’s museum, a childcare center, a roof-top garden, and new affordable apartments (targeting low-income or special-needs residents). Across four weeks, anyone in the community will be welcomed in to share in the imaginative process and symbolically build upon a positive future within the community.

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