Classic Movies Scenes As 16th Century Illustrations


MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature1 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature2 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature3 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature4 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature5 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature6 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature7 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature8 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature10 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature11 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature12 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature13 MuratPaltaOttomanMiniature14

Turkish artist Murat Palta’s Classic Movies in Miniature Style are fantastic illustrations that illustrates famous movie scenes from contemporary movies in the style of Ottoman miniatures. The young artist started the project for his graduation thesis and he began to develop the series by “combining global with local, traditional with contemporary, and adding a bit of humor” to a variety of movies including Goodfellas, Alien, Inception, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Scarface.

In Ottoman miniature style, the illustrations feature very vivid reds, golds, blues, and greens, and the flat figures are not particularly detailed. Palta integrated social traditions, fashion, and luxurious textiles of the Ottoman empire with expressive scenes. The decorative backgrounds and aged paper create the illusion of a historic art collection with a hint of modernity.


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