The Colorful Perspective Prism Table by Maurie Novak


MaurieNovakPrismTable1 MaurieNovakPrismTable2 MaurieNovakPrismTable3 MaurieNovakPrismTable4 MaurieNovakPrismTable5 MaurieNovakPrismTable7 MaurieNovakPrismTable8

Prism is a magical table design that appears to be different from every angle. Developed by Australian-based designer Maurie Novak, of MN Design, the unique concept generates a mystifying sensation of ever-changing colors set within one solitary object. Through a series of perfectly arranged colorful bands, Novak transforms an ordinary table into a captivating piece of furniture.

To create the effect, the artist stretched colorful elastic from edge to edge across a stainless steel frame. The rainbow of lines and geometric forms produce intriguing optical illusions similar to the refractions of light within a glass prism. The table stands 4 x 4 x 1.5 feet with a glass top that protects the interwoven bands below. Novak says, “By weaving and twisting its linear geometry, this table transforms from point to point. The maze of mixing colors creates surfaces that meld together to form a beautiful whole.”


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