Beautiful Macro Details of Uniquely Beautiful Snowflakes


AlexeyKljatov1 AlexeyKljatov2 AlexeyKljatov3 AlexeyKljatov5 AlexeyKljatov6 AlexeyKljatov7 AlexeyKljatov8 AlexeyKljatov9 AlexeyKljatov10 AlexeyKljatov11 AlexeyKljatov12 AlexeyKljatov13 AlexeyKljatov14 AlexeyKljatov15 AlexeyKljatov16 AlexeyKljatov17 AlexeyKljatov18 AlexeyKljatov19 AlexeyKljatov20

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov isolates single snowflakes in order to capture the unique beauty of the delicate, icy crystals that fall to the ground during a snowstorm. The Moscow-based photographer captures an amazing range of differing geometric shapes and lines of snowflakes. He illuminates the ice with a flashlight and sets up a simple background of dark wool fabric. Simply beautiful.


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