Floating Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers


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Dutch artist Joris Kuipers studied traditional painting but he has decided to add extra dimensions to his art. Joris has decided to not be limited to flat canvases and this piece, named Escaping Expressionism, spiral and float. A piece that sits comfortably in the overlap between painting and sculpture.

Joris is inspired by science and anatomy and in Escaping Expressionism Joris drew inspiration from CT-scans, MRI-scans, and autopsy imagery, and many of the shapes and colors are an abstract interpretation of human blood and tissue. The end result is a piece that, as Joris explains, has:

“Colors and planes [that] seem to whirl and turn into a dazzling display…they refuse to allow the spectator’s eye to comfortably rest anywhere. Often one doesn’t know where to look, where to concentrate, exactly where and when things may get into focus.”


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