Ukranian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One


1-Oleg-Shuplyak- 2-Oleg-Shuplyak 4-Oleg-Shuplyak- 5-Oleg-Shuplyak 6-Oleg-Shuplyak 7-Oleg-Shuplyak- 8-Oleg-Shuplyak- 9-Oleg-Shuplyak 10-Oleg-Shuplyak 11-Oleg-Shuplyak-600x670 12-oleg-shuplyak-600x734 13-oleg-shuplyak

Ukranian artist Oleg Shuplyak’s oil paintings are examples of fantastic optical illusions. Famous faces emerge from seemingly normal landscape backgrounds. Shuplyak, who was born in the Ukraine on September 23, 1967, studied architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, although painting was always his passion. His background in architecture helped him create the captivating illusions he is now famous for. You can challenge yourself to see how many faces can you recognize then check out more of his work in Optical Spy’s gallery.


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