Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Bid Proposal in Pictures


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The centre piece of the 1964 Tokyo Games will be upgraded to an 80,000-seater new Olympic Stadium with retractable roof. The stadium will is expected to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Along with great amenities, Tokyo is promising the “most compact” Games in history, with 28 out of 33 competition venues within 8 km of the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

The Tokyo 2020 emblem combines an arrangement of cherry blossoms, Japan’s most celebrated flower, with the five Olympic rings. Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid President, Tsunekazu Takeda, explains:

“It symbolises the concepts of friendship, peace, eternity, happiness and unity, concepts that we hold most dear. The designer has even been able to create the logo in the form of a flower that, in itself, is an internationally recognised symbol of Japan.”


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