Celebrity Portraits Drawn using Scribbles


Vince-Low-illustrations-1 Vince-Low-illustrations-2 Vince-Low-illustrations-3 Vince-Low-illustrations-4 Vince-Low-illustrations-5 Vince-Low-illustrations-6 Vince-Low-illustrations-7

If your like me, you rarely finish with anything decent when trying to draw in scribble. It’s a skill, a skill Malaysian illustrator Vince Low has. Vince has completed his collection of celebrity portraits of overlapping, swirling lines that comprise of the outlines, details and shading. Celebrities include: Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp.

You can see more of Vince’s work on Behance.


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