Incredible 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto


2-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x601 3-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x601 4-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x601 5-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x601 6-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x601 8-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x359 9-3D-Latte-Art-by-Kazuki-Yamamoto-600x599 latte-art-kazuki-yamamoto-12

You don‘t need to be a coffee lover to appreciate the creativity of Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto. The 26-year old latte artist, based in Osaka, creates actual 3D foam sculptures in the coffee mugs of the Cafe10g visitors. The giraffe is particularly good, making use of the white foam and brown coffee and incredibly the firm is strong enough to support a long neck. Kazuki also does some amazing 2d latte art. Kazuki says his dream is to open up a his own cafe in Tokyo one day. You can find Kazukior on twitter.

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