A Vertical Perspective of Hong Kong


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This collection by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze might make you a little dizzy. The French photographer and graphic artist in his collection – Vertical Horizon – saves you from a massive neck ache by visually exploring Hong Kong’s skyline. Using a unique perspective, Jacquet-Lagreze presents the ever-growing city in a collection of photographs that an the architect in us can appreciate.

The artist explains, “[The project] is a deep immersion into the city’s thick atmospheres and a visual record of its wildly diverse built environment. This book is like a contemplative dive into the raw nature of Hong Kong and an expression of its vertical élan.”

By eliminating people from his images, Jacquet-Lagreze has taken away the human qualities that normally define such a largely populated city and turned it into an abstract visual reality. The artist’s bio explains that he uses his camera to illustrate his feelings about Hong Kong, inspired mainly by “the geometry of the urban environment and the vivid lives it shelters.”


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