Abstract and Geometric Paintings from Wayne Mok at Saatchi Online


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London based artist Wayne Mok is a skilled painter. His favorite materials he likes to work with are:

Oil and acrylic paints- [because] their materiality extends beyond the simple fact of physical matter. The process of their applications can impact the content and meaning of the work.”

When asked what themes Mok likes to pursue in his art? Mok answered:

I work in short series of paintings and though stylistically different, there is an underlying theme of desire and longing. My work is inspired by the motivation to create objects that reflect a certain truth, harmony or beauty, with evocation of the work of others being a part of my desire to possess. This craving for pleasure and possession is, for me, as much about spiritual interest as it is about human nature, with the struggle to square desire with fulfillment, both physical and spiritual, being at the core of artistic endeavor, faith and philosophy.”

You can find more of Mok’s work at Saatchi Online where you can buy original paintings online.


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