Illuminating Light Wakeboarding by Red Bull and Snap


RB_Web_Rochon_771 RB_Web_Rochon_1005 RB_Web_Rochon_1077 RB_Web_Rochon_1262 RB_Web_Rochon_1280 RB_Web_Rochon_1336

This was a collaborative project between Red Bull, Snap! Orlando, the wakeboard athletes: Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday and Patrick Rochon as the light painter. It was the first time any of them had done a project like this. Richard says: “We mixed sports and technology to create art. The movement of the athletes in the water, with the LED boards, created the light paintings.” They shot the project in 3 consecutive nights from sunset to sunrise at the OWC, Orlando Watersports Complex.

Patrick says: “The boundaries dividing sport and art are blurred in this collaboration in an effort to capture the inherent emotion and creativity of athleticism.”


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