3D Straw Art Sculptures by Francesca Pasquali


FrancescaPasquali1 FrancescaPasquali2 FrancescaPasquali3 FrancescaPasquali4 FrancescaPasquali5 FrancescaPasquali6 FrancescaPasquali7 FrancescaPasquali8

Italian artist Francesca Pasquali assembles drinking straws to create amazing three-dimensional art installations. The colorful plastic materials are cut to varying lengths and arranged in patterns that viewers will want to reach out and touch. Collectively, the straws form a synthetic landscape filled with peaks and troughs.

The artist says, “The technique of interlacing [plastic] …makes it live again in the shape of sculpture, which spreads out towards the space around, creating various texturized effects. Observing nature itself, I transfer the essential being of it. The interlacing forms transform the industrial material into soft and sensual shapes.”

(via junkculture)


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